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With a photography and business career spanning two decades, Jo and Jason Marino rose to international fame as highly sought after luxury wedding photographer.

Not only are the couple wedding photographers, they have been providing luxe portrait experiences to discerning clientele from around the world just as long.

Wanting another challenge, it felt like a natural progression to begin an entirely new business of high volume school and sports portraits in 2015.

With a friendly, talented staff, and a very non-corporate vibe, the team has quickly become the brand schools and sports leagues turn to when the corporate options just don't do it for them anymore.

Now in their sixth year as school and sports specialists, Jo, Jason and the team continue to provide top-notch quality, service, and flexibility, with a personalized, small-business touch, to thousands of students, athletes, schools, and leagues.

what people are saying


"Strada has been incredible with our students! They are kind, organized, and make our students feel at ease. When taking school pictures it can be extremely hard to get kids to smile comfortably. These guys are the best at working hard to get an authentic smile from our students. These guys are the best!"

Trudi Bradley - Kingman Academy of Learning Primary School Principal


I have always enjoyed working with Jo and Jason at Strada. Their incredible talent, willingness to be creative, and personalized service is exceptional.

Jen Perea - KAHS Principal

"creative and compelling"

Lee Williams High School has been working with Strada Studios since 2018 and we could not be happier.

Strada Studio exhibits professionalism, courtesy and a go-above-and-beyond customer service attitude.

Not to mention, they provide a fun and professional service for our school and

athletes. Their vision is both creative and compelling when telling stories for our Athletes.

I would recommend Strada Studios to anyone looking for great service, professional quality images and

providing great memories.

Lisa McClung - Lee Williams High School Yearbook Coordinator



ADMIN: It's vitally important for your school to have accurate, timely files for your admin software. Using our system, we are able to get these important data downloads to your school in incredibly short periods of time. It is not unheard of to have admin system data within a couple of days.

YEARBOOK: We have an excellent relationship with Josten's, and work regularly with other yearbook manufacturing companies. We generally provide yearbook downloads to your school, and your yearbook company, within a week or so after picture day. If there is a makeup picture day required, we provide the yearbook downloads after that date so that the most recent and up to date photographs are utilized

ID CARDS: Our philosophy is that we want to be on your campus, disrupting your schedule and the student's learning time, for as short a time as possible. We also edit each of the photos we take, which allows us to use an edited photo for IDs. Therefore our system is to print ID cards after we return to our offices, and mail/deliver them to your school about a week later. This minimizes disruption, and maximizes our efficiency.

*For us to provide admin, yearbook data, and ID cards we require specific data in the roster we receive from your school.


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